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In order to conduct all relevant necessity regarding conclusion of contract, paying your honorarium, tax issues and similar we kindly ask you to provide us with the following information.

DAVOS FESTIVAL operates with, a web-based tool for concert and rehearsal disposition and organisational questions concerning travel, accommodation etc. Once you have sent us all required information, we will conclude a binding agreement and generate a personal user account for you.

Looking forward to welcoming you at DAVOS FESTIVAL!

If you have any questions, we are happy to help.

Content-related questions:
Elena D’Orta, Executive Manager at DAVOS FESTIVAL,

Technical assistance with the form:
Esther Füllemann, staff member,

General contact: | +41 81 413 20 66

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    First name as in passport


    Last name as in passport


    Full name as to appear in publications


    Full permanent address and country of residence


    Email address (for all correspondence)


    Mobile phone number (incl. country code)


    Date of birth


    Place of birth




    Civil status


    Civil status since (date)


    Number of children


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    To determine your tax status in Switzerland, please select:


    AHV (Swiss National Insurance) number


    Are you a freelancer in Switzerland? (If you’re not sure, you’re probably not.)

    We need your proof of SVA. Please attach a copy of your current statement.


    What category of residence permit do you have?

    Please attach a copy of your permit.

    Are you obligated to pay Quellensteuer (foreigners’ tax) in Switzerland?


    Please prove your state of National Insurance for your home country by providing us the document A1 (EU) or similar. Please attach the document here or email it to Elena later.


    Please note: Foreigners living outside of Switzerland are obliged to pay Quellensteuer (foreigners’ tax) in any case.



    All changes to the above statements must be communicated immediately to DAVOS FESTIVAL.

    In case the transmission of your data via web form repeatedly fails, please try using another browser. Safari has been reported to cause a transmission error.

    General note on travel agreement and coverage

    DAVOS FESTIVAL covers in agreement with the artist travel costs between place of residency and Davos. As a rule, travel charges according to Halbtax rate, Bahncard 50 (or similar) or, if travel distance is more than 800 km, most economic and reasonable flight are covered. Other travel routes or means have to be discussed beforehand.

    Artists with verifiable residency beyond Switzerland have a travel budget of max. CHF 300.