Anastasia Dukhareva


Anastasia Dukhareva | FRA | *1996

Anastasia is a Franco-Russian organist. She started her studies in Russia, initially dedicating herself to the piano, where she quickly earned several excellence awards.
In 2013, she continued studying in France at the Regional Conservatory of Besançon, where she focused on piano and organ with Pierre-Yves Fleury. At the moment she is pursuing her Master of Arts in musical interpretation at the Lausanne High School of Music, in the organ class of Benjamin Righetti. Having acquired precious experience as an assistant organist at the Saint-François Church in Lausanne from 2021 to 2023, Anastasia currently is a titular organist for the Reformed Church of Ormonts in the Swiss Alps. Besides her solo recitals, she regularly collaborates with orchestras and choirs.

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