Eszter Kruchió

Eszter Kruchió | | HUN | *1993

Eszter Kruchió experiences making music as the most direct way of communication and an essential channel of expression. Trying to find ways to combine an intellectual, emotional and spiritual approach to the masterworks of all periods, she enjoys a huge variety in her musical activities.

Born in Budapest, she studied in Vienna, Hamburg and Hannover, where she recently entered the prestigious postgraduate Solo Performance Class. A major part of her musical inspiration has been working with pianists. Eszter Kruchió has been awarded with several prizes at national and international competitions and received multiple exceptional awards. She is generously supported by the German Nationwide Episcopal Foundation Cusanuswerk.

Being an avid chamber musician, she has appeared alongside many renowned artists. Solo engagements led to collaborations with the Crescendo Festival Orchestra, the Crescendo Baroque Ensemble and the International Young Soloists. Moreover, she has been a frequent participant of prominent festivals, most importantly Sommerliche Musiktage Hitzacker, Mit Musik Miteinander (Kronberg Academy), Encuentro Santander, DAVOS FESTIVAL and IMS Prussia Cove. Based in Hannover and Vienna, the focus of her present activities is the Chaos String Quartet.

Eszter Kruchió plays on a violin by Stefan-Peter Greiner, a kind private loan.

She has been invited to DAVOS FESTIVAL since 2018 and will again perform in this year’s programme.



Foto © Feri Fotographie

Stand: März 2020