Helena Bosch Vidal

Helena Bosch Vidal | ESP | *1994
Co-Kuratorin der Ausstellung «one plus one makes more than two»

Helena Bosch Vidal graduated from the MA in Design Space and Communication at HEAD Geneva. She develops a praxis in the crossroad of different fields, having research and design as a base, she mixes it with of philosophy, history, and experimental film. Her work stays unavoidably linked to a feminist and critical questioning of our current context and background.

Born and raised in Barcelona, Helena Bosch Vidal studied a BA degree in art and design, focusing on a panoramic view of objects and spaces. The BA at Escola Massana proposed a transdisciplinary formation. Due to early transversal education, she now works on different areas, deconstructing the borders between them, and the constraints of the field naming and separation.

Between 2015 and 2018, she worked at Latrini Studio together with Sidney Latil, a platform through which they developed a practice based on collaboration and an intersectional understanding of design, both commercial and self-commissioned. In parallel to the studio praxis, she worked in the product design studio Isaac Piñiero as an intern.


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