Kaisa Kortelainen

Kaisa Kortelainen | FIN | *1992

Kaisa Kortelainen has held the position of Second Solo Flute with the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra since 2018, and joined the contemporary ensemble Avanti! in 2022. As a freelance musician she has worked with multiple other orchestras in Finland and abroad, Ensemble Intercontemporain among them. Kaisa Kortelainen also frequently performs with rotating ensembles, appearing in numerous music festivals domestically and internationally. In 2021, she was awarded Third Prize in the international Kuhlau Flute Competition.

In addition to her orchestral work, Kaisa Kortelainen also cherishes collaboration with composers and artists in other fields. She has premiered several works by Finnish and French composers and is a member of the interdisciplinary Dayjob Collective.

Kaisa Kortelainen completed her studies at the Sibelius Academy under Mikael Helasvuo, where she earned her Master’s degree in 2019. She also completed Master’s studies at the Paris Conservatory in 2015–2017 with Philippe Bernold.

With time remaining after work and caring for her one-year-old new-born, Kaisa Kortelainen also studies traverso.


Foto © Jussi Ulkuniemi

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