Marie Boichard

Marie Boichard | FRA | *1996

Marie Boichard began learning the bassoon from her father at the Conservatoire de Douai, France, then at the Conservatoire de Paris CNSM, where she obtained her master’s degree with distinction in 2019.

From an early age she has taken part in projects that lead her to discover music in all its forms by participating in youth orchestras and professional orchestras in France and abroad. In 2019 she joined the Paris Opera Orchestra as solo contrabassoon. She also played solo recitals and in more intimate formations such as quintets, woodwind trios, and baroque ensembles. Every year she participates in festivals such as Musique à l’Empéri, Saou chante Mozart, Musique à la Prée, and Les musicales de Colmar.

In 2016, Marie Boichard won a 2nd prize in the Muri International Competition. She was laureate of the 2018 Aeolus International Competition and was a ARD semi-finalist in 2019.

Constantly amazed by the diversity and richness of timbres, Marie studied the baroque bassoon as well as the recorder during her years at the conservatory. She also likes sports like climbing, running, and yoga.


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