Paulina Zybinska


Paulina Zybinska | POL | *1993
Programmierung & Design

Paulina Zybinska is a Zurich based artist and educator, creating interactive, audio-visual systems and installations. She studied Game Design, Animation and Interaction Design, which allowed her to gain a deeper understanding of various design practices.

During her studies, Paulina Zybinska started to learn how to code, create electronic circuits and rely on TouchDesigner as a main creative tool. Since then, she has been deepening her explorations since her Masters at Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, where she now works as a research associate.

Over the years Paulina Zybinska’s interest shifted towards interactive, machine learning based applications. She focuses on research about the relationship between forming collective memory and the growing influence of synthetic media. In the time of the proliferation of fake news, she explores the potential of Deepfakes and their impact on forming alternative realities. Her works have been exhibited at various light festivals, museums and cultural institutions.


Foto © Regula Bearth

Stand: April 2022