SIBJA Saxophone Quartet

SIBJA Saxophone Quartet
Valentine Michaud | Faustyna Szudra | Jean-Valdo Galland | Joan Jordi Oliver

Described by critics as «first class sound esthetics» (Innerschweiz Online), the SIBJA Saxophone Quartet was founded in Zurich in 2019 when four saxophonists from all over Europe (France, Poland, Switzerland and Spain) decided to form an ensemble based on a budding friendship and a keen taste for experimentation.

The young musicians are equally at ease with transcriptions, contemporary works and improvised shows, and have already had the opportunity to perform on prestigious stages such as the Tonhalle Maag Zürich, KKL Luzern, Victoria Hall of Geneva and Casino Kultur Bern, where they received a warm welcome from the audience and critics: «It is an understatement to say that they conquered the hall.» (Le Temps)

They are also interested in presenting their work in a different approach than the traditional concert format and are therefore collaborating with other fields of art to create transdisciplinary performances, including set ups or choreographies.



Foto © Anne Regard

Stand: Februar 2020